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Who needs a gym? Your next fitness class is just a click away.  It’s dreary outside and your TV shows are begging for a massive marathon. You know you should go to the gym, but that couch is looking pretty comfortable. So stay home and exercise. But instead of watching TV, check out your computer. Gyms and other exercise programs have begun to stream their classes online, providing easy and convenient access to your workouts. Streaming videos online keeps your exercise fresh. You may already be using an excellent workout DVD, but watching and listening to the same DVD every time could damage your motivation and possibly even your results.  No matter your skill level, the right workout program is available for you online. If you need a more rigorous workout, EMG Live Fitness offers a variety of intense classes, including aerobic stepping, cycling and kickboxing. If you’re looking to relax and do some yoga, Yogis Anonymous may be a good option. If you want to work out with your friends, Connect Online Fitness provides virtual real-time studios you and your friends can exercise in together. And if you’ve already developed a steady workout routine, programs like The DailyBurn customize your workout based on where your exercise has been, and where you want it to go. So if you’re looking to change up your workout — or just don’t want to leave the house — consider streaming your next boxing, Pilates or cycling class right to your living room.
Source: Complete Nutrition

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