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Sore muscles after strenuous exercise is caused by minor muscle tissue damage, or muscle tears, and is called delayed onset muscle soreness. Soreness after exercise is certainly unpleasant, but rest assured it likely means you’re doing something right. Depending on your goals, supplements such as protein, creatine and branch chain amino acids, or BCAAs, will be best for building muscles and muscle recovery. Add supplements to help your muscles recover faster. How Muscle Grows Muscle growth occurs when your exercise is significant enough to create small muscle tears, which are then repaired Cells within the muscle fuse together to repair the damage, resulting in bigger and stronger muscles The cells use nutrients such as protein and amino acids to assist in muscle regrowth Whey  This supplement is the best for post-workout recovery because it is easily digestible, low in fat and is quickly made available by the body to support protein synthesis The best time to consume supplements, including protein, is within 45 minutes of your workout, as the muscles are “most primed for nutrient uptake” Other forms of protein, such as those derived from casein, is a slower digested protein, which can also be useful for long-term gains Creatine A popular pre-workout supplement, creatine has been shown to provide increases in muscle strength, quick bursts of energy and faster muscle recovery during exercise Your creatine routine will be more effective if taken shortly after your workout it does not necessarily build muscles directly, the added strength and energy from a creatine supplement can help you to boost your workouts to a higher level so you can see greater muscle gains. BCAA BCAAs are one of the most important recovery supplements because they are quickly depleted during exercise The essential amino acids for muscle building are leucine, isoleucine and valine, and failing to replenish these substances will limit muscle gains Supplementing with BCAAs will also spike insulin levels, allowing your muscle cells to better absorb and utilize substances such as creatine and carbohydrates for muscle recovery   References & Resources American College of Sports Medicine: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness University of New Mexico: How Do Muscles Grow? WebMD: Vitamins and Supplements Lifestyle Guide: Do You Need Protein Powders? Muscle & Fitness: Recovery Supplement Guide: Get More Intense Workouts with These Ingredients Muscle & Strength: Whey Protein Powder: Complete A-Z Guide For All Types Of Whey Supplements WebMD: An Overview of Creatine Supplements The Strength Agenda: BCAAs: Will They Build Muscle or Waste Your Money? About the Author   // <![CDATA[ var url = ‘/get_cme_cached/’; $.ajax({ url: url, success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) { var writer = $.parseJSON(data); $(‘#byline’).text(‘by ‘ + writer.display_name + ‘, Demand Media’); $(‘#author’).text(writer.display_name); if (writer.about){ $(‘#authorAbout p’).text(writer.about); $(‘#authorAbout’).show(); } }}); // ]]>
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