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Staying motivated is the foundation for getting the physical work done, and keeping your nutrition on track.  Incorporate these tips to stay motivated and keep the results rolling in! Grasp your Goals Setting goals you can control, such as the frequency of your workouts, rather than your rate of weight loss, is important for defining expectations.  Make sure you i nclude smaller daily goals that will combine to help you achieve your weekly and monthly goals.  Keep in mind to stay flexible with your goals as your original plan may need to be adjusted.  Track it Til you Make It Incorporating visual reminders to chart your success is important for staying mindful of your goals.  Try keeping a calendar in a visible location, like your bathroom or kitchen, and note each day you workout with a big star.  Seeing those visual reminders will not only boost motivation, but it’s a glaring reminder of all the hard work you’ve put in , which further encourages you to make healthy food choices. Treat Yourself Reaching mini goals along the way deserves a reward!  From massages to new outfits, rewards can boost motivation and encourage you to keep your intensity up .  Consider what will motivate you and set your plan into action! Beat Barriers Undoubtedly we all run into barriers that can prevent us from getting a workout in, or tempt us to hit the drive thru.  Consider what barriers you may encounter and beat them with a little planning.  For example, if you find you miss workouts due to a busy schedule, get up an hour early and make it the first thing you do .  Or, if you often find you can’t make it to the gym, plan an at home workout as a backup .  In addition, if the drive thru calls your name, pack a cooler you can keep in your car with healthy options like protein bars and bottled water.    Fashionably Fit Dress for success, even during your workouts!  Although that baggy pair of sweatpants and T-shirt may be your workout standby, a new workout outfit can be motivating and encourage you to keep working toward your goals.  Rock Out There’s nothing like great music to motivate on even the hardest days.  Make sure to have music on hand and keep it updated.   Whether you need a boost to gear up for a workout, or to make a healthy meal, great music can be a game changer! Buddy Up Working out with a buddy can be fun and help you both stay motivated.  Hold each other accountable with a no excuses jar ; if one of you misses a scheduled workout you must donate funds to the jar.  Once you reach a set amount, you have to buy your buddy a gift with the funds!   Author: Sarah Mattison Berndt, MS, RD, CD Owner Fit Fresh Cuisine & Hybrid Athletic Club
Source: Complete Nutrition

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