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Looking for a quick, total-body workout? Complete these exercises a total of two times. If you have more time, challenge yourself and complete these in 4 rounds with minimal rests in between each round.

1. Row

Row for 500 meters. Don’t have a rowing machine? Run 400 meters instead.

2. Air Squats

Do 40 sets without weights (or small amount of weights if preferred).

3. Sit Ups

Do 30 sit ups. Place your hands across your chest to avoid straining your neck.

4. push ups

Do 20 pushups. Modify your pushups as needed: Make them easier by using your knees. Or challenge yourself and do the tri-cep triangle pushups, clapping pushups, or wide-armed pushups.

5. Pull-ups

Do 10 pull-ups. Modify your pull-ups as needed: Make them easier by using the pull-up assistant machine or a weighted band on a pull-up bar.


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