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Meet some of Complete Nutrition’s customers who are excited to share their journey while using Citrine™ over the next 21 days. Stay tuned at the CN F.U.E.L. Blog to keep up to date with their journey!



Rudy was the winner of Complete Nutrition’s 2015 Transformation Challenge. Shortly after winning, he went back to school to obtain his paramedic certification to further his education as a firefighter. This is when the weight started coming back on. He originally weighed 410lbs and got down to about 260lbs. He has since jumped back up to about 360lbs and feels stuck in an unhealthy rut. “I know that Complete Nutrition helped me once, I am hoping they can do it again,” says Rudy.

Jenn and Brian


Jenn and Brian are the parents of 4 children ranging from the ages of 3-13 years old. Their children are all busy with sports and other activities, keeping both Brian and Jenn traveling all over the place. When Brian is not working as a sales manager and balancing his children’s activities, he’s also a member of the football committee for Millard United Sports and a part-time student working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Jenn is in nursing school and works overnights at the Medical Center as a CNA.

The couple have been married for 8 years and decided together they need to gain control of their health even with their busy schedules. Brian is excited to try Citrine because he’s been looking to commit himself to a new fitness regimen and to improve his nutrition in order to get into better overall shape. He’s used Complete Nutrition products in the past with great success, but lacked dedication and discipline to maintain those results. Jenn used to be an avid runner and is looking forward to gaining the mental clarity and some personal time during her training. She’s excited to try Citrine to feel better, sleep better, stay more focused, and to lose a few pounds. Both Jenn and Brian are looking to lose some unwanted pounds to ultimately reach higher goals in 2017.





Janae is the proud wife of a veteran Army Reservist and mother of three children: 8-year-old twin girls and a 2-year-old boy. In addition to her busy life at home, she is also a full-time teacher who commutes about 45 minutes daily, to and from work. Over the course of 10 years as a teacher, she has seen her once vibrant passion for health and athletics diminish until it was replaced with the daily fog of day-by-day survival. She’s usually getting the most important things done for others while neglecting what is most important for herself. About three years ago, she finally took stock of what’s been happening in her life. “My assessment made me determined to get back what I had lost,” says Janae. However, she realized this journey would not be easy. She felt doomed for failure, but decided to take one small step at a time.

“Replacing my negative thoughts with positive was my first step,” explains Janae. Then she began walking fairly regularly. Now she’s ready to start making some changes in her nutrition. She says, “This journey has been slow, but in it I have come a long way and learned a lot about myself. My hope and desire in making these lifestyle changes is to be able to regain strength and athleticism in my body. An active life is what I want to have again so that I can enjoy it with my children. I also want to carry myself with confidence in all types of social situations. Therefore I find myself excited to try Complete Nutrition’s Citrine and 21-day meal plan because I believe it will give me some visible results and move me closer to my healthy lifestyle goal.” Janae’s overall hope is that this experience will be the jump-start she needs to go from the heaviest she’s ever weighed, to a place where she feels more in control of weight-loss and of developing a healthier lifestyle.



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