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If your big night out or weekend away left you feeling bloated, tired, unmotivated or all three, don’t despair! Pick yourself back up and get back on track with these tips:

Get Moving!

Although we know it sounds like the last thing you want to do, once you get started you’ll be glad you did. If you need a push to get going, it’s okay to drop the intensity down a notch, but aim to get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes. This will not only help re-set your mood, but also help your body detox and process extra calories.

Eat on a Schedule

Often when we eat too much it can be tempting to start missing meals in an attempt to negate over-indulging. However, this supports a vicious cycle of fasting and overeating that puts serious stress on your body. Aim for six nutritious smaller meals a day to keep your metabolism fired up and your energy levels steady.

Get Support

Your body will benefit from a little TLC to help it recover and recharge. Consider a multivitamin such as Multi Pure to quickly replenish nutrients, and Prime Drive® to power through your day with more energy and focus.

Sarah Mattison Berndt, MS, RD, CD
Owner Fit Fresh Cuisine & Hybrid Athletic Club

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Source: Complete Nutrition

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