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We all know that fresh, organic, local produce tastes better than plastic-looking veggies from hundreds of miles away, but what are the other benefits of eating organic? Here are our top reasons you should be eating organic.


1. Preserve ecosystems

The rain might wash away some chemicals so you don’t ingest them, but they don’t disappear. Rather, these chemicals get into our waterways, polluting water for livestock and vegetation, and potentially ruining ecosystems. Herbicides and pesticides can even end up killing things they didn’t directly intend to, which can have lasting negative effects.


2. Avoid GMO

Many non-organic foods contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs have been altered to increase size and yield (see a trend?). In North America, companies are not obligated to disclose whether they’re non-GMO or not. We are proud to, as Purely Inspired® provides Organic Protein, Powdered Peanut Butter and Organic Greens that are all non-GMO.

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Source: Nature Food Nutrition

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