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If you ask any parent what their biggest COVID challenge has been, it’s likely that they’ll mention keeping dinnertime healthy, satisfying and creative. Right now, it’s easy to run out of staple pantry items and be stuck waiting it out until your online order appears. A weekly schedule like this one will not only provide the routine that children crave, but it’ll also keep you organized for the week – leaving your evenings free to relax with a bath and a good book.

Monday: Salmon, Broccoli and Rice

Start the week off fresh and healthy with any combination of protein, veggies and carb.

Tuesday: Pasta Night

Casseroles are great for making ahead and putting in the freezer.
Fresh sauces are a good way to disguise veggies that are finely chopped or puréed.

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner

No explanation necessary!

Thursday: Leftovers

A good opportunity to use up anything left over from the past three nights. The new mantra: “nothing wasted.” Stir fries are always well-received by the crew!

Friday: Build Your Own

Your gang will look forward to Friday all week long. Set out the ingredients and let them customize their own taco or mini pizza, with a sundae station for dessert.

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Source: Nature Food Nutrition

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