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Keep garbage day light with a few tips and tricks to minimize food waste.

  1. Have you been tossing your broccoli stems? Tsk tsk. They’re great for soups or as a pesto.  
  2. Egg shells and coffee grounds make excellent fertilizers for the garden. Coffee grounds can also be used as a body exfoliant when mixed with coconut oil.
  3. Sometimes it’s more cost effective to buy in bulk, but only buying what you need really reduces waste.
  4. Freeze, ferment or pickle extras, or incorporate them into soups, smoothies and baking (nothing makes better banana bread than an overripe, frozen banana).
  5. Search for local food banks that accept fresh food donations.
  6. If it’s ready to be tossed, try to compost it instead.
  7. Organize your fridge so that the foods with the shortest shelf lives are front and center. That way, they won’t get forgotten.
  8. Don’t be a produce snob. Just because fruits or veggies don’t look perfect on the outside doesn’t mean that they’re not perfect on the inside.
  9. Got some cheese crumbles left from your charcuterie board or the tail end of a brick of cheese? Mix them into a simple cheese sauce for some homemade mac and cheese.
  10. Cook ahead in batches and keep pre-made meals in the freezer. Bonus, this is also a huge time saver.
  11. After a Thanksgiving feast, use the turkey carcass for soup. Not ready to use right away? No problem. Put it in the freezer until you’re ready.

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Source: Nature Food Nutrition

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