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Right now, it feels like every shopping trip is an exercise in strategy and logistics. Stock up on these nine essentials and you’ll be good for a while!


It’ll last in the cupboard for years. Use for baking, as a sugar substitute, in your tea or on toast.

Olive Oil

Just a little dab will do ya, for cooking, dressings and a source of healthy fats.


From pancakes to baking, there’s no limit to what flour can do. Now’s the time to dust off the bread maker!

Canned Tuna

A great source of protein that can sit in the pantry for years.


You don’t even need an air popper for this snacking gem. Go old-school with a pot on the stove.


Inexpensive and a great source of protein and fiber.

Rice and Pasta

The old standbys that are easy on the wallet.


Commonly used for hot cereals and baking, but try in cold overnight oats and even savory recipes.

Baking Powder/Baking Soda:

You’re going to need these for the pancakes, baking and bread recipes.

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Source: Nature Food Nutrition

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