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The New Adrenaline / SKLZ Lacrosse Combine

Adrenaline has partnered with SKLZ to bring an elite athletic Combine to the sport of lacrosse. A meticulous collaboration between Adrenaline trainers, LXM PRO players, The Athletes’ Performance Institute and SKLZ has resulted in the first Lacrosse Combine, which uses the same advanced technology as the NFL to measures lacrosse player performance.

As the sport continues to grow, players are recognizing the importance of a proper training program outside of practice. The problem most players run into, though, is that they aren’t sure what to do in the gym to get better on the field. Most follow a program they got from an old football or basketball coach and hope it translates, when it often does not. The Adrenaline SKLZ Combine helps solve the problem by providing an objective evaluation of strengths and weaknesses for every player. Athletes are divided into teams by experts and then go through a barrage of performance tests. Between the tests, they attend educational seminars covering critical information about everything from biomechanics to nutrition.

The Adrenaline SKLZ performance score will be made up of:

  • 40-Yard-Dash (with splits at 10, 20, and 30 yards): Gauges linear speed, acceleration and top-end speed with and without a stick.
  • Pro Agility Shuttle (5-10-5): Measures change of direction quickness.
  • Vertical Jump and Vertical Hop: Tracks a player’s explosiveness off each leg individually and both legs together.
  • Reactive Agility Test (RAT): Measures reaction time to a stimulus and includes shot accuracy.
  • Repeated Anaerobic Sprint Test (RAST): Adds a rarely seen cardio aspect to the Combine.
  • Shot Speed: Evaluated “on the run” to arrive at a more functional result, as opposed to a traditional measurement, which is rarely seen in live competition.
  • Rotational Medicine Ball Throw: Measures rotational power, which translates directly to stick speed.

Athletes walk away with an evaluation of their abilities and an official Adrenaline SKLZ performance score. A clear training plan, with program recommendations from AdrenaFit is provided to each player to serve as a road map for future development.

Also, players’ scores can be made available to college recruiters as an add-on to their profiles at all Adrenaline recruiting events.

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