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Protein-Powders-onlineThe very thing that makes shopping online so convenient is also the thing that makes it so complicated: you have access to virtually every brand of the product you are looking for. With hundreds of different brands offering protein powder, and each with their own characteristics and benefits. For example, options range from pure whey powders such as Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard to special digestive and slow release products like Musclepharm’s Combat Powder.

So, how do you choose between all these products called Power, Boost, Growth and other energizing adjectives? Even the most experienced buyers take their time in working out what fits with their lifestyle and workout objectives. There are many factors that go into what’s the best choice for you, but they can be summarized to make your decision easier.

Is it safe to shop online?

This is a very common query and it’s smart to keep your personal financial security in mind at all times. Stick to established and known online brands that offer you a guarantee that they will ship the product you actually bought and paid for. Make sure that the site you are shopping on has a professional website and are certified by a third-party, such as GeoTrust.

SportsNutrition puts extra effort into making sure that your personal information is secure when purchasing and will never share your information with a third party.

What’s best for me?

Now that’s out of the way, when trying to decide between different products, the first thing you need to consider are your own exercise objectives and what you are looking for in a supplement. Protein is essential for building muscle, as well as water balance, the immune system and metabolism.

The average recommendation for adults is 0.8g per Kg of body weight. However, endurance and strength athletes, such as weight lifters or marathon runners, may need up to twice that amount. Using the average values, a normal male would about 56g of protein daily, while a woman would need 46g daily to remain healthy. To see if you are getting enough protein in your diet, calculate your normal protein intake and see how much you need to supplement to your diet.

What about carbs?

Carbs are an essential part of maintaining a healthy diet as well as getting the most out of your workout. Protein in your diet usually doesn’t come on its own, and your body can metabolize it to produce energy. It’s important to balance your energy needs with your protein and carbohydrate intake. The average male needs around 2,500 kilocalories while women need around 2,000. Your protein will supply between 10 and 35% of your total calorie intake.

Most protein powders come with calories and carbohydrates. Therefore, you need to evaluate whether you are looking for a strong boost during workout, which you get from a product like Muscle Milk, or a slow-release product that will deliver protein throughout the day, such as Musclepharm Combat Power.

Generally speaking, if you are going for strength, you’re most likely to be interested in quick release powders; but if you are training for the marathon or other endurance sports, then you’ll probably be more interested in slow release products. Slow release products with casein are also ideal if you are looking to supplement your meals in the evening to boost muscle growth overnight. Check out our full inventory to find the perfect protein solution for your own lifestyle.

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